Donation Funds

PAYMENT NOTES:  Checks should be made to "Congregation Beth Shalom", not the individual Fund name.

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General Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund is unrestricted and can be used for any expense incurred by the synagogue.

Building Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund is restricted to use for any current expenses incurred relating to repair or improvement of the building and grounds.

Memorial Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund is restricted to expenses for beautification of the synagogue.

Ursula Foster Tzedaka Fund:

The Board of Directors voted to convert the remaining money donated for the purchase of the Ursula Foster Holocaust Memorial Board into the Ursula Foster Tzedaka Fund.  Like the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund, this fund is specifically to address emergency/special needs that may arise.  However, this fund is restricted to use for our own congregants, rather than the community at large.  It is currently administered through the Rabbi under a specified limit; above that requires the President's approval.

Richard and Pauline Israels Scholarship Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund is restricted for the purpose of giving a $500 Scholarship to a deserving Jewish student who lives in Stanislaus County, and/or whose family is a member of CBS.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund may be used by the Rabbi at his discretion to assist people in need, and/or as the Rabbi deems appropriate.

Lunch Bunch:

Money contributed to this fund underwrites a monthly luncheon geared towards our senior members, although it is open to all members.

USY Fund:

Money contributed to this Fund is used for kids in our United Synagogue Youth program at CBS.

Roger S. Drabkin Library Fund:

Contributions to this fund are used to support our on-site Adult and Youth Library.

Endowment Fund:

This is a special Fund that has been established to ensure the future of CBS.  Interest earned from the money contributed to this Fund is restricted to future building improvements/restoration and Rabbinical Search/Services.